Eduki Foundation

In this interconnected world, International Cooperation has a growing role, chaping our daily lives and our future. The Eduki Foundation has been created by Mandat International to develop educational activities on the international cooperation for the youth. It aims to clear the mystery surrounding this universe by allowing the youth to discover both International and Non-Governmental Organisations located in Geneva and Switzerland, their areas of work and the related careers.

The programme offers (in French):
- visits and conferences in the International Organisations
- thematic information
- a contest on International Cooperation
- a panorama of careers in International Cooperation

And also…
- thematic sheets
- a presentation of the organisations
- a timeline of International Geneva
- support for teachers

Origins of the Eduki Foundation

In September 2006, Mandat International launched the educational programme « discovering international cooperation ». It grew thanks to the support of the Department of Public Instruction, the City of Geneva, the Loterie Romande and the International School of Geneva. In 2011, due to the programme’s success, Mandat International permitted it to grow further by transferring it to an ad hoc foundation, concentrating only on education and youth awareness-raising about International Cooperation: Eduki Foundation, aka Centre for Education and Awareness-Raising of International Cooperation.

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