We wish to thank all the people who have supported us over the years, and in particular:

The various international and non-governmental organizations that support us and with which we cooperate on a daily basis.

Our public and private partners who have supported us and our projects, and especially: the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and the Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Republic and Canton of Geneva, The Chancellery and Service of Protocol, the Department de l'Aménagement de l'Equipement et du Logement, the International Solidarity Fund, the City of Geneva, the Municipality of Bellevue, the FIPOI, the ICCG, the Loterie Romande, the International Civil Service, NEDS, Geneva Welcome, DevSIG (ISOC), Realise, the Geneva Environment Network, as well as the Foundation for Geneva and its friends.

All those who gave us in kind contributions, especially: Swisscom, OGH, Petrel (VTX), the CTI, the University of Geneva, the Fédération des Coopératives Migros, the Placette (Manor), Swiss, Arcanne Design, Human Info, Nimag, the Service des Espaces Verts, Tierra Incognita, the Maison des Associations, Llactaymanta, Tumi de oro, Trigon films, Azimuth, the Club de la Nautique, Cave Bellevaux, Pro Specia Rara, Viansone, Gabathuler, Hewlett Packard, the Geneva Canton Hospital, Caritas, the Centre Social Protestant, the ILO, the Hotel Beau Rivage, IBM, Interdiscount, Landis & Gyr, l'AGECAS, the Geneva Youth Hostels' Association, SGS, the Secours Suisse d'Hiver, Cinfo, IRED, OCDE, as well as the international organizations and NGOs for their documentation, and the numerous individual donors.

All the volunteers, interns and collaborators who have dedicated their time and knowledge to the execution of our projects. From the renovation of the Welcome Centre to the production of this CD-Rom, our activities have always relied on a considerable voluntary input, without which we would never have succeeded. All our thanks to Ana Maria, Dominique, Mathias, Tobias, as well as to Ababacar, Abdellah, Abdullatif, Adolphe, Adriano, Agnieszka, Ahmed, Aïda, Aïssatou, Alain, Alberto, Aldo, Alessandro, Alexandra, Alexandre, Alina, Allegra, Amaran, Amira, Amos, Amy, Ana, Anabel, Anaïs, Ana-Maria, Andre, Anik, Anna, Anne, Anne-Sophie, Anouchka, Anthony, Antony, Antoine, Ardita, Arielle, Arlette, Arnaud, Arthur, Asako, Astrid, Attul, Aziz, Bahram, Barbara, Barry, Bassirou, Beatrice, Beby, Benedikt, Bernardita, Bertrand, Bilau, Boriana, Bryan, Camille, Carla, Carlos, Carl-Yves, Caroline, Cathy, Cécile, Cecilia, Cédric, Céline, Chantale, Charles, Charlotte, Christian, Christiane, Christine, Christensen, Christof, Christophe, Cindy, Cinzia, Claire, Claise, Claude, Claudia, Claudie, Corinne, Cristina, Dana, Daniel, Daniela, Danielle, David, Deborah, Denis, Desislava, Didier, Dimka, Diouf, Domingo, Dominique, Dorien, Edith, Edmund, Edric, Eliane, Elias, Elsa, Emiliano, Emili, Emma, Eric, Erika, Esmeralda, Evelyne, Fabienne, Fabio, Fabrice, Fadumo, Félix, Fiona, Fitore, Flore-Anne, Florence, Francesca, François, Frank, Frédéric, Fyras, Gabriela, Galina, George, Georgina, Giorgio, Gisèle, Giuseppe, Giustina, Griselda, Gustavo, Hannes, Hakim, Harun, Hasan, Heidi, Helena, Hervé, Hianina, Hubert, Iacopo, Ibrahim, Ibrahima, Ingrid, Inma, Isabel, Isabelle, Isaura, Ivan, Jacky, Jacques, Jaime, Jamel, Jan, Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Daniel, Jean-Louis, Jean-Luc, Jean-Marc, Jean-Michel, Jemina, Jeroen, Jérôme, Jesusa, Ji, Joanna, Jonas, Jorge, José, Juan Pablo, Judit, Julia, Juliette, Kadi, Kathryn, Karin, Karola, Karsten, Katia, Kianoush, Kim, Kinga, Kirsty, Lacopo, Lara, Laura, Laurence, Laurent, Léa, Lee, Leila, Léo, Leticia, Levente, Lila, Linda, Lior, Liz, Lucienne, Luftim, Luigi, Luis, Luisa, Lukas, Lucka, Magali, Mahesh, Manuel, Marc, Marcelle, Maria, Margareth, Marianne, Marie, Marie-Claire, Marie-Dominique, Marija, Marine, Mario, Maricela, Marjaneh, Marjorie, Markus, Marlene, Martial, Martina, Massimiliano, Matéo, Mathilde, Matthieu, Maurizio, Maxime, Michael, Michelle, Miles, Minerva, Minia, Mireille, Mohamed, Monica, Mouiz, Muriel, Mustapha, Myriam, Nancy, Natasha, Nathalie, Nguyen, Nicola, Nicolas, Nils, Noémie, Noura, Odile, Oleg, Olivier, Oona, Oscar, Pablo, Paola, Patricia, Patrick, Patryk, Paule, Peter, Philippe, Pierre, Pierre-Alain, Rabea, Rachel, Raffaella, Ralf-Arnaud, Raphaël, Rege, Régina, Rémy, Rena, Renata, Ricardo, Riku, Roberto, Robin, Roch, Romana, Ronin, Rosa, Rosita, Roz, Rozalía-María, Ryan, Sabina, Sabine, Sabrina, Sally, Sandra, Sandro, Sarah, Scheriban, Schmidt, Sébastien, Serge, Sergi, Sibylle, Silvia, Simeon, Simone, Sleiman, Solana, Sophie, Stanislas, Steeve, Stefan, Stephan, Stéphane, Suna, Susana, Sylvia, Sylvie, Tanii, Tanja, Teresa, Terryl, Theobald, Thiam, Thierry, Thomas, Tiana, Tibault, Tibor, Timothée, Topias, Urs, Ursula, Valérie, Vesna, Victor, Vincent, Virginia, Wang, William, Woo, Yaroslav, Yasuko, Youri, Yves, Zrinca, Zuzana and everyone else. Your support and commitment have been precious.

Our support members, as well as our Consultative Committee and Foundation Council members.

The families, and especially the children, of our colleagues for their understanding.

All the people who have contributed to our activities in one way or another. Thanks to all of you, we hope to be able to continue our work.