Main projects

International Legal Search Engine

We have developed a legal search engine on the web, which makes it possible, by selecting a country, date and theme, to access the international norms of the country in question for a given theme. It is designed to facilitate the work of professionals, and to enable people from any country to access and discover the norms that protect them. So far, we have developed the Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, Environmental and law of the Sea domains (over 1’000 conventions), and are extending the search engine to other domains in international law. See: What convention.

Research projects

We are actively engaged in international cooperation in the research domain. We are regularly invited to take part in and support European research projects, mainly in the ICT and international law domains.

International Conferences

We are regularly supporting international conferences and workshops. The current focus of the foundation is on events promoting international cooperation with the research community, on information and communication technologies and sustainable development.

Zeytuna project

Zeytuna project has been launched to encourage and promote the leadership of Syrian women refugees in their community. The project provides capacity building on the UN system, international law, project development and communication.

Internet and informatics developments

We regularly create new websites of information on the Internet. They are generally dynamic sites requiring competences in Html, Php, Mysql, etc. We also work on more sofisticated data-processing projects: teleconference, etc. All those who are interested in helping us are welcome.