Operations & Resources

Mandat International was founded in 1995 as a non profit-making organization of public utility, independent of any political or religious group. In 2004 it became a foundation but retained its network of support members, who take part in the activities and functioning of the organization.

Mandat International cooperates closely with the majority of the international organizations present in Geneva. We hold consultative status with several bodies, notably with the UN (ECOSOC), the UN Department of Public Information and UNCTAD. We are also a member of several networks such as the IoT Forum, the Geneva Environment Network, the NEDS (the Network of Swiss Documentation Centres), ISOC (the Internet Society), etc.

The foundation tends to maintain balance results and to develop its activites over time. In general, we try to put the resources at our disposal to the best possible use and regularly develop joint projects with other partners. As regards our accounts, they are checked annually by an independent trustee. Furthermore, they are checked by the Federal Office in charge of monitoring the foundations.