Thematic Publications

Here you will find a list of online PDF documents. These documents are general overviews categorized by theme. If you would like to recommend a document in PDF form, please send your suggestions to contact (at)

Communication and Internet

Reporters Without Borders. Guide for Journalists Forced into Exile 2012. PDF
Reporters Without Borders. Handbook for Journalists 2009.PDF
International Federation of Journalists. A Survival Guide for Journalists.PDF
ITU. Understanding Cyber Crime: a Guide for Developing Countries 2009.PDF


UNEP. Emerging Issues in oour Global Environment 2012. PDF
UNCTAD. Trade and Development Report 2011. PDF
International Fund for Agricultural Development. Enabling Poor Rural People to Overcome Poverty 2012. PDF
International Fund for Agricultural Development. Putting Young People First. Creating Opportunities in Rural Areas 2011. PDF

Economy and Trade

International Trade Center. Strategic Plan 2012-2015. PDF
WTO. The World Trade Report 2012. PDF
World Economic Forum. The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012. PDF
UNECE. Countries in Figures 2011. PDF


Global Humanitarian Forum. The Impact of a Silent Crisis.PDF
UNEP. Geneva Green Guide 2010. PDF
UNCCD. Land and Soil in the Context of a Green Economy for Sustainable Development, Food Security and Poverty Eradication 2011. PDF
Center for International Environmental Law. Climate Change and Human Rights: a Primer 2011. PDF


WHO. Water Safety Planning 2009. PDF
WHO. The World Health Report 2010. PDF
UNAIDS. AIDS Dependency Crisis-Sourcing African Solutions 2012. PDF
Doctors without Borders. Essential Drugs-Practical Guidelines 2010. PDF

Human Rights

For more information on Human Rights, please visit the Welcome Desk.


OHCHR. Working with the United Nations Human Rights Programme 2008. PDF
UNICEF. Children in an Urban World 2012. PDF
Amnesty International. The State of the Human Rights 2012 Report.PDF
OHCHR. Human Rights and the Millenium Development Goals in Practice 2010. PDF


ICRC. Exploring Humanitarian Law. PDF
ICRC. How Does Law Protect in War.PDF
OCHA. Good Practice for Humanitarians in Complex Security Environment 2011. PDF
OCHA. Peace Building and Linkages with Humanitarian Action 2011. PDF


ILO. Effective Protection for Domestic Workers - A Guide to Designing Labor Laws. PDF
ILO. Working Towards Sustainable Development 2012.  PDF
ILO. Mobilizing the 99% for Economic and Social Progress 2012.  PDF
ILO. Global Employment Trends 2012. PDF

Peace and Disarmament

OHCHR. International Legal Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflict 2011. PDF
UN. Strategies for Enhancing Gender Balance Among Uninformed Personnel in Peacekeeping Missions 2006.  PDF
UN. Disarmament - A Basic Guide 2012. PDF
Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Meeting the Cyber Security Challenge 2012.  PDF

Science and Technology

Federation of American Scientists. The Future of Nuclear Power in the United States 2012. PDF
Federation of American Scientists. Non Strategic Nuclear Weapons 2012. PDF
UNESCO. A World of Science 2012. PDF
UNESCO. Engineering: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities for Development. PDF