Mandat International in figures

Provide accommodation and support to delegates from developing countries:

  • Over 80 000 nights
  • Over 10 000 delegates hosted and guided
  • Participation support to more than 1 000 international conferences
  • Emergency accommodation during high-attendance conferences

Welcome, inform and facilitate the participation of delegates:

  • Some 150'000 documents distributed to delegate.
  • Over 35’000 visitors and 44'000 information requests handled by the Welcome Desk since mid-2007 in the six official UN languages.
  • A documentation centre with over 17'000 reference documents offered to the Unviersity of Ouagadougou.
  • A database identifying 25'000 organisations all over the world.

Inform delegates via Internet:

  • A dozen of multilingual information websites covering up to 5 official UN languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.
  • Up to 5 million page views per year.
  • Visitors from 213 countries and autonomous territories.
  • A web portal providing over 1'800 useful links on international Geneva.
  • A legal search engine for International Law compiling over 850 international conventions analysed article by article.
  • A web agenda with over 500 international conferences selected each year.
  • Multiple information guides.

Raise awareness of youth on International Geneva:

  • Over 5’000 students participated in some 105 visits and events organised in order to discover the work conducted by international organisations.
  • The creation of the foundation Eduki to further develop our educational programme.
  • Over 180 student creations for contests on international Geneva.
  • 16 thematic files (over 850 pages dedicated to international cooperation).

Support social and professional integration:

  • Up to twenty interns per year to acquire an experience of the international organisation system and international cooperation.
  • More than 200 volunteers supported our activities and acquired better knowledge of international Geneva.
  • Welcoming unemployed in activities of professional reinsertion

Twenty projects developed:

  • Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Day, targeting this population.
  • « Innovative Green Building » conference.
  • High Level Panel meeting on UN reform.
  • Educational programme on international Geneva
  • Legal search engine for International Law.
  • Welcome Desk at the UN Human Rights Council.
  • Welcome and information centre for delegates at la Pastorale.
  • Recycling computers for projects in developing countries.
  • Participated in organising the International Symposium on Volunteering.
  • Participated in organising the World Summit for Social Development (Geneva 2000), World Summit on the Information Society, the UN’s 60th anniversary and the UN Open Days.
  • Coordination of the World Civil Society Forum, aimed at promoting international cooperation with international organisations.
  • Organisation of the « Environnemental Village» for the UN Conference to Combat Desertification.
  • Study on the economic impact of the international non-governmental sector.
  • Pedestrian planning for international Geneva.
  • Creation of the agenda of international conferences.
  • Organisation of various meetings and thematic brunches.
  • Realisation of multilingual information guides: Delegate’s guide, NGO guide, IO guide, rights of the child manual, fair-trade guide, etc.
  • Developing a network of homestays.
  • « mixed-use building » project.


Engaged for international cooperation, sustainable development and research:

  • Launching 2 European research projects (Hobnet et IoT6) with the University of Geneva and HES-SO which contribute to creating jobs in the region and continue to reduce the energy consumption of builings.