Mandat International

"If the UN's global agenda is to be properly addressed, a partnership with civil society at large is not an option; it is a necessity."

Kofi Annan, Former UN General Secretary

MANDAT INTERNATIONAL is a foundation with public utility status, relying on a network of members covering the various fields of activity of international cooperation. We collaborate closely with most of the international organizations and we are independent of any political or religious affiliation. Our first aim is is to promote international cooperation. Our activities encompass various domains, from international law, to multistakeholder dialogue and international research projects.

Over time, the foundation has developed many projects, including the support to over 10’000 delegates, educational programes, legal search engines, conferences, etc. The foundation usually supports projects for a limited period of time but with the objective to have a sustainable impact. When its objectives are achieved it usually pioneers and addresses new emerging challenges.

The current focus of the foundation is on promoting international law, supporting international cooperation projects and promoting international cooperation with the research community. The foundation is also involved in several research projects, with a current focus on international law, ICT, and sustainable development.


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