• Creation of an informal group of people willing to facilitate and solve the problems faced by non-governmental representatives.
  • Constitution of Mandat International.


  • Consultation on the Welcome Centre project with non-governmental representatives.
  • The William Rappard mansion is put at our disposal.
  • Creation of a documentation fund, increased by the donation from the Geneva Bureau of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


  • About 50 young volunteers undertake the renovation of the Centre.
  • Accommodation of some delegates follows demands from the UN Centre for Human Rights and the arrival of the first of numerous delegates concurs with the renovation of the mansion.
  • Plantation of an orchard of fruit trees of endangered species.
  • Completion of the renovation works and the official opening on the 4th of November with an exhibition of the work of two artists from Mozambique.


  • Constitution of a database on international actors.
  • Setting-up of a bed and breakfast network in order to strengthen our lodging capacity when the Welcome Centre has no vacancies.
  • Creation of an information guide for delegates from Developing Countries.
  • The Centre welcomes the International Community of Women Living with Aids/HIV.
  • Organised various brunches and meetings, such as in the framework of the 12th World Aids Conference, of the Committee of the High Commissioner for Refugees and of the Working Group on the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Meeting between the representatives of Indigenous Peoples and local government authorities, and a « Pachamanca », a traditional Quechua meal.
  • Creation and achievement of the Mandat International Web Site.


  • Creation of the online agenda of international conferences.
  • Organised the first Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Day.
  • Completion of various studies, including a study on the economic impact of the NGO sector.
  • Integration of Mandat International into the NEDS network.
  • Distribution of renovated computers to visiting delegates, to help them equip their organizations.


  • Convening of the Geneva-Host Association to manage the network of with-host accommodation.
  • Participated in the organisation of the World Forum on Social Development.
  • Participated in the Millennium Forum.
  • Launched  the New Welcome Centre, information and work project at La Pastorale. (Project ended 2012)


  • Organised the preparatory meeting of the World Civil Society Forum.
  • Participated in the United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries.
  • Partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD) in order to make available video documents, and with the World Bank for documentation.
  • Strengthened cooperation with the United Nations.
  • Obtained the statute of Association with the UN Department of Public Information.
  • Creation and management of the World Civil Society Forum website.


  • Coordinated and organised the World Civil Society Forum.
  • Launched the Information Platform on the Internet.
  • Organised several training sessions notably for journalists, and access to the Internet in Developing Countries.
  • Opened new offices at the "La Pastorale" site.
  • Distributed thirty computers to delegates coming from developing countries.


  • Obtained special consultative status with ECOSOC and UNCTAD
  • Published the Executive Report of the World Civil Society Forum.
  • Participated in the preparation of the World Summit of Information Society.
  • Organised a working group to improve the cooperation among NGOs.
  • Organised an information meeting about fair commerce at the UN.
  • Created two new information guides about International organizations and the operation of NGO's in Switzerland.


  • Transformation of the association into a foundation.
  • Created the support fund.
  • Improved our informational websites with new sections : conventions, skills exchange, etc.


  • Organised public activities for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the UN.
  • Participated in the creation of a pedestrian path around International Geneva.
  • Revamped the Mandat International's website.
  • Created a statistics atlas.




  • Competition on "international Geneva"
  • Organisation of the "Rallye des Nations"


  • Supported delegates attending the World Conference against Racism, set up an emergency accommodation plan and the Welcome Desk is present on site.


  • Supported the World Congress against the Death Penalty with the Welcome Desk present on site.
  • International cooperation contest for youth.
  • Launched the Arabic-language legal search engine for Human Rights, supported by the UN (www.qanouni.org).
  • Added Environmental Law and Law of the Sea searches (www.whatconvention.org)
  • Began the European research project Hobnet (mixed building)


  • CAPCI moved
  • Creation and launch of the EDUKI Foundation
  • Launch of IoT6 European research project


  • Establishment of the Welcome Centre for Delegates at la Pastorale
  • Adoption of the constitutional article submitted by the foundation in the new Geneva Constitution, trsasnfering the responsibility for welcoming delegates to the State.
  • Transfer of the welcome activities for the delegates to the State of Geneva.    


  • Transfer of the foundation in its new headquarters in Geneva, close to the UN.
  • New meeting and work infrastructure for the projects.
  • Support for the establishment of the IoT Forum in Geneva.  


  • Zeytuna project to support Syrian women.
  • New version of the legal search engine on international law, with a mobile application
  • Support for the establishment of the IoT Lab association in Geneva to manage a European testbed as a service.


  • Support for the new Study Group 20 of the International Telecommunication Union
  • Promoting international cooperation in the research domain, with new projects


  • Extending Zeytuna to new regions
  • Developing two new projects to promote international cooperation in the research domain between Europe and Asia.